About Us


A lot of people make the mistake of thinking we don't take our chocolate seriously. They see the unconventional wrappers and assume that it's all one big joke. Big mistake!

At Zotter we revel in being different. We took the rule book and threw it out of the window (and then we went out and placed it neatly in the compost heap).

For too long artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and other similar chemicals have taken centre stage in the production of chocolate. We wanted no part of that. When was the last time you checked the ingredients list of the chocolate bar you were eating? Take a look and you might be surprised.

We start with a very simple premise. If you take exceptionally good ingredients and combine them with imagination and a great deal of skill, the end results will be amazing.




We make all our chocolate ourselves, from bean to bar. You'd think that this was normal wouldn't you? 


The truth is very different. Many companies purchase their chocolate "ready made" and simply package it under their own name. We believe that you can only make truly great chocolate if you get involved in the whole process, starting with the farmers.

We can trace every bag of cocoa beans back to the farmer that produced it and we continually provide them with feedback to help them improve the quality.


In the pages of this website we hope to give you a brief insight into the world of chocolate and to explain a little of what makes Zotter chocolate so different. However, If you really want to find out what's so special about our chocolate you will need to taste it.