Labooko = Single origin chocolate at its best

Two single origin "bean to bar" chocolates in one pack.

Chocolate has come a long way in the past few years, no longer is it acceptable to mix inferior cocoa beans with chemical flavour enhancers and market bland chocolate. As people begin to understand the nature of chocolate, so their expectations begin to rise. Not everyone can travel to the ends of the earth to discover new cocoa plantations but you can still explore the rich diversity the world of chocolate has to offer.

We created the Labooko range to allow you to experience the delights of the cocoa forests and discover for yourself the taste and smell of cocoa. Come with us and explore the regions and see how they influence the nature of the chocolate.

We work closely with our cocoa farmers to help them develop and improve the quality of their cocoa. Once back in our chocolate factory the beans from each plantation are treated with repect and are processed individually. Different bean need to be roasted at different temperatures and for different amounts of time. Only by treating the farmers and their cocoa with the respect they deserve can you produce a truly outstanding chocolate. 

On the front of each pack you will find the origin of the cocoa and the percentage of cocoa used. Inside there are a few tasting notes and little more information about the cocoa.

Seriously good chocolate, from "bean to bar".