Labooko Single - Individual pure Organic & Fairtrade chocolate

The Labooko fan club is growing daily, but what do you do when your favourite varieties are in different packs? The most popular varieties (and some new ones) are now available as Labooko Single and are destined to become best sellers on their own.

Here are some examples:


Peru 80

These cocoa beans from the Aprocap cooperative in Peru certainly rank among our best. This blend contains 40% white Criollo beans of the Porcelana variety. By the way, this chocolate is, in spite of its 80% cocoa content, amazingly light in colour.


Nicaragua 50

The production of fine chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa remains a challenge. This Uncrisproca cocoa meets that challenge with a multi-layered cuvee that is complemented with different types of sugar, milk from Tyrolean mountain farmers and genuine vanilla.



In this chocolate we captured the incomparable taste and the seductive scent of freshly harvested strawberries.