New Product Launch - Overdose Chocolate Drink 

We would like to introduce our latest chocolate innovation - Overdose Chocolate Drink! A sophisticated "ready-to-drink"chocolate drink with that special Zotter touch.

Zotter Overdose Dark

Dark chocolate drink, spiked with ginseng and a touch of "birds eye" chilli

Zotter Overdose Milk

Milk chocolate drink with guarana, vanilla, cinnamon, rose blossom and a hint of lemon.

Zotter Overdose White
White chocolate drink, boosted with chaga mushrooms, rose blossoms, vanilla, cinnamon and a dash of lemon.

  • Sales unit: 12 cans (single variety)

  • Unchilled shelf life: 12 months

  • Best enjoyed chilled

  • Entirely Organic and Fairtrade

  • Each 230ml drink is packed in a CartoCan which is recyclable and uses considerably less resources in the manufacturing process.

Special Launch Offer - Order now and get 12 cans for the price of 10.
Purchase one sales unit (12 cans) and we only charge you for 10 cans. 

This offer is only available for a limited time. Contact us for more information.




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The idea: Every time you enjoy a chocolate bar, a child on the other side of the world stops starving.

We are committed to the project "Yummy! Meals for Schools" in Mae Sot which was brought into being by "Help without frontiers". For each bar of "Yummy! Meals for Schools" chocolate sold, a Burmese refugee child will receive a school meal.

Mango-Coconut with Sesame
The Burmese Sacher cake: The most popular sweet dish in Burma consists of boiled rice with mango, coconut milk and roasted sesame. We have drawn inspiration from this and combined a fruity layer of mango with a shot of lemon and a layer of nougat which we coat with white coconut chocolate.


Hardeep Singh Kohli at Chocolate Lab

3 nights in Hackney of Punjabi inspired cuisine and Keralan grown cocoa

Niko B. Chocolate Lab welcomes Masterchef, comedian and writer Hardeep Singh Kohli ‐ tandoor oven in tow ‐ into their chocolate kitchen and canteen based in the heart of Hackney. Over a 3 night stint, they will join forces to serve a 5‐course Punjabi inspired menu with seasonal British produce, cocktails and fresh chocolates created with an exclusive Indian origin 62% chocolate from Zotter.

In the savoury corner, renowned cook, food writer and broadcaster Hardeep will combine his Punjabi heritage, beautifully researched food histories and culinary travels with his Hackney home in both flavour and sourced produce: Lamb and Turnip Curry, Hackney Veg, Dhal Mahkini, seasonal salads, chutney and fresh tandoor breads made on site.

Chocolates, dessert and cocktails are served by Chocolate Lab's award winning chocolatier and dessert supperclub host, Anthony Ferguson. He is concocting fragrant chocolate infused interpretations of traditional Indian sweets made with Indian Labooko, a unique chocolate from Keralan cacao, created by Zotter. Niko B are also creating a bespoke truffle for the event with Indian chocolate. This is the first time the bean‐to‐bar chocolate will be available in the UK and Zotter have developed an exclusive couveture for the event, offering a rare chance to taste Indian grown cacao.

Dates: 26th, 27th & 28th April.
Sittings at: 7pm and 9pm.

Soap&Skin, the alias of Anja Plaschg, was recently asked to create her own chocolate. What did she create? Find out here. 

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