What people say about Zotter

www.chocolatemission.net - Overall I could label Mr Josef Zotter with every word under the sun relating to the term 'crazy' but I think time would be better spent just marveling at his fantastic chocolatiering capabilities. The guy is frankly from a different planet to the rest of us but I think it is this uniqueness that makes him the genius that so many have come to love.

www.chocablog.com - It takes skill to produce good quality cacao, and different skills required to turn that cacao into good quality chocolate, and Zotter certainly have the know-how required to do that.

www.chocolatereviews.co.uk - Josef Zotter takes the world to a whole new view on chocolate with his exquisite creations and covertures.

www.seventypercent.com - It would have been easy to make poor process decisions even with a quality source and end up with a chocolate that not only didn't do justice to the bean, but also soured opinion on the value of top-grade cocoas for organic chocolate. But here one feels that Zotter has gotten everything right and produced a chocolate that represents his masterpiece. High expectations, strong delivery; a formula for a winner.

Rose Prince - Daily Telegraph.  "Unusual filled chocolate bars, made by star Austrian chocolate designer Joseph Zotter with a big emphasis on fairtrade and environmental responsibility. Amazing flavours, with light and creamy fillings that include balsamic caramel or lime and honey."

Lucas Hollweg - Sunday Times.   "Josef Zotter is the mad genius of Austrian chocolate-making and the man behind some of the world's most unusual flavour combinations, such as the delicious pumpkin caramel, and sheep's milk with honey nuts. The Labooko range has two bars in each punkily designed packet, so you can compare chocolates of different strengths and different origins."    

Annabelle Thorpe - The Observer. "In the winter months I tend to drink hot chocolate wherever I go, but I've never had one like a recent mugful at the Rogner Bad Blumau spa, near Graz, in Austria. You are served a glass of hot, frothy milk, with a 'Zotter' chocolate bar on the side. There are several flavours to choose from: chilli, vanilla and rum among them. Following the instructions on the wrapper, you steep the bar in the milk for a minute, then stir everything gently before leaving it for another two minutes. Then you give it a good strong stir, scraping off all the melty chocolate from the glass, and drink. Heavenly, particularly if you drink it without thinking about your waistline."    

The Guardian Green Gift Guide. "Fairtrade organic chocolate that comes in a range of flavours that we can only describe as stimulating."  

Alligator Wholefoods - York. "Mr Zotter's chocolates are both organic and Fairtrade and have proved to be our most popular new product ever."     

One World Shop - Edinburgh. "They're taking off big style!  The packaging is beautiful - they are works of art.  We like to display the chocolates centrally and they have undoubtedly enhanced our shops' presentation."