This is where our cocoa comes from.

Organic & Fair because fair wages are more beneficial than a pittance.

Organic & Fair because child labour is forbidden. Children are our future and their education is the best protection against poverty and exploitation.

Organic & Fair because it represents a genuine alternative to drug cultivation.

Organic & Fair because you should keep in mind that people are behind each product.

Organic & Fair so that the people in the countryside are offered a future and do not become impoverished in the slums.
Organic & Fair because the colonial times are over, aren't they?

Dominican Republic
Organic & Fair in order to build schools where children and adults can learn the alphabet.

Papua New Guinea
Organic & Fair because we bridge distances with direct trade and become partners.

Organic & Fair because nobody wants to destroy his health with pesticides for a tiny bit of cocoa.

Organic & Fair because it enables us to preserve the diversity of species and to protect the rainforest.

Organic & Fair because the reforestation programme sets a visible sign for stability in a country ravaged by wars.